To verify the judgment,Li Tianzhi inspected several other meteorites with different shapes,All have similar situations,He finally understood,These trivial meteorites scattered everywhere are actually the products of one or several civilizations,Are all weapons for combat。

This is the site of an interstellar battlefield!Although it is impossible to go back to the scene of the battle,But it was so tragic that it destroyed and shattered several days of the world here,How terrible it is,Although after a long time,But due to some kind of energy field,This battlefield has always maintained the overall form at the time and never split,The end is incredible。
After the river of blood poured into the ruins of the ancient battlefield,Slow down,But it keeps rushing forward,Look around,The striker of the blood river points straight to the center of the ruins,There is a huge shadow towering like a mountain,Because it is shrouded in darkness,There seems to be some kind of aura around,So that Li Tianzhu’s spiritual sense can’t explore what the substance is in it.。
The vast sea of stars and the entire universe rely on three underlying laws to support operation,Few places where conservation is hard to explore,This is the first time for conservation after awakening,This is different from the dark place at the extreme west of the starry sky map,It’s too far away,Here but close at hand。
When the tentacles of Li Tianzhu’s divine consciousness were about to approach,Suddenly there was a rapid vibration in the blood river,Quickly spread far away along the river,Kuchimo, who had been waiting near the evening star cemetery, quickly sensed,Jump into the rushing river of blood without hesitation。
So a strange scene happened,With Kuchimo’s speed ahead,The source of the blood river also disappeared simultaneously along the trajectory it had flowed before,Li Tianzhi immediately understood,The Blood River is an important guarantee for Kuukimo to enter the ancient battlefield relics safely。
According to what Li Tianzhu’s spiritual consciousness had seen before in the dense sea of stars passing by the river of blood,Really dangerous,Even if Kuchimo itself is very powerful,It also represents the will of the last universe,I can’t guarantee that walking through the stars will be foolproof,But the river of blood can。
Why can blood river?Li Tianzhen thought about some possible situations,The river of blood flows from the gate of heaven,Actually belong to the last cosmic material,Normally it is difficult to adapt to the environment of this cosmic era,It may be that Kuchimo helped it,Make it quickly gain a foothold。
But the new problem is,The river of blood can penetrate the planetary sea without hindrance,And very familiar with the remains of this ancient battlefield,Kukimo shrank instead,Even the river of blood is needed to pass the star sea,It’s all in the legend that Kuqimo and Shifangjun unintentionally released the river of blood after exploring the gate of heaven.,It seems that the credibility of this legend will be greatly reduced。
Judging from the familiarity of the blood river with the ruins of the ancient battlefield,There are two possibilities,One is that the blood river was hidden in the ruins after it came out of the gate of heaven,Long time,Naturally familiar,There is another possibility,The ruins of the ancient battlefield are the same as the blood river,All come from the gate of heaven。
Li Tianzhi is more inclined to the second point,Because the forces that combine and maintain the entire ancient battlefield relics form another system,Hard to see in this universe,It’s more like a collection of several rules to work together,The colliding matter and celestial bodies are full of complex energy,Repulsion and attraction、Destruction and fusion,Actually changing all the time。
Integrated rules,Very cleverly guide and calm these complex energies,So conduct each other,Form a stable cycle,Much like a kind of coupling between capacitors。
But once this idea appeared in my mind,Li Tianzhen was shocked,This is the definition of the conduction of circuit components,After the death of Fansheng’s soul,These memories should have been erased,How could it pop up again inadvertently?