Thinking about this question,Wang Youcai started the car。He has to go back to the base as soon as possible,As long as the things on hand are done,He can ask for leave like Hu Huiru。

Things like opening a hospital,With his wealth of wealth,Really not good。It seems that he has to go to the provincial capital in person,Without second brother’s help,He doesn’t know where to start this matter。
Thinking of something like this,I even forgot to eat lunch。He drove the car back to his office in Chenzhuang。Lie down on the bed,I found my stomach groaning。
Luckily, Liu Ying is a woman on call,He just shouted,The woman cooked him a bowl of noodles and brought it over。
“You all went to the city,Don’t you have the meal yet?”Liu Ying smiled,Put the cooked noodles on the table in front of Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai glanced at Liu Ying and smiled:“how come,I just think there is no noodle restaurant in the city that can make your taste”
“Alright!Pick everything nicely。I think you are in a good mood,Did you run to see which Du Xiaohong??”Liu Ying is a woman,She seems to have grasped Wang Youcai’s mind very accurately。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“This woman has a little taste,But my Wang Youcai is not that cheap yet。I have business to do,This future…”
When it comes to the future,Wang Youcai thought of his own small hospital again。If this hospital really opens,Then he won’t have a seat here。What about the group of people he brought??Such as Tian Wa、Liu Ying。
Liu Ying looked at Wang Youcai’s desire to speak but stopped,She doesn’t ask too much,Smiled slightly,Turn around and leave。But Wang Youcai beckoned to her and said:“Don’t hurry,Talk with me”
“No way,Steamed buns in the kitchen,nighttime then!”Liu Ying said,Suddenly lowered my voice。
When Wang Youcai heard Liu Ying say the word night,Can’t help but feel happy,This woman hasn’t been in his room for a long time,It’s not that the aunt is here,It means stomachache,I can always find a reasonable excuse anyway。
“Oh!There are my two Chinese medicines in the trunk,You take it and let me go through it。This medicine is expensive,Don’t waste it”Wang Youcai is eating noodles,Suddenly said loudly to Liu Ying。
Liu Ying sneered,She did not speak。But she was thinking,Open your own clinic,I still say medicine is expensive。
Finished noodles,It’s early to see,Wang Youcai got up and went to the field。The workers who are coming to work now, plus their supporters,Let alone nearly sixty people。
Fortunately, the lives of workers are relatively simple,Noodles at noon,Usually steamed buns and vegetables at night。This dish is even simpler,Either potatoes or cabbage。Occasionally add some meat in it,To improve my life。
Of course,A holiday or something,Wang Youcai will let Liu Ying cook two more dishes,Put more meat。Even this life,In Liu Ying’s words,This is much better than life on the construction site。The workers still have no opinion on life anyway。
When Wang Youcai came to the ground,,It’s time for everyone to rest。There are several elderly people who are gathering together and smoking cigarettes。These people are generally around fifty,Like they go out to work,Can’t find any good job types。Too tired to go to the construction site,Although Wang Youcai’s salary here is a bit lower,But they can move。
“Wang Ge!You came back so soon?”When Tian Wa saw Wang Youcai,He quickly stood up from the crowd。
Wang Youcai asked him twice,I told him to come closer:“You asked everyone to get rid of the work these two days,On the 22nd,Let’s all take a day off,Let everyone attend your wedding,Happy happy”