And at the moment,Wang Teng has come here。

But when Wang Teng was looking at the distance,Wang Teng at this time,Is very indifferent。
I won’t talk about other things for now,But then,Such a thing,Still necessary,It must be resolved as soon as possible。
See these,Lei Zhiting at this time,The whole person smiled suddenly。
“but,Even if you come,Can’t change anything。”
“Because this time,You must die!”
When Lei Zhiting was talking here,at this time,Wang Teng glanced in front of him。
It’s undeniable,What this guy said,It’s very interesting。
But after seeing this,At this moment,Wang Teng waved his hand,Very calm。
“but,Do you think,Will this look useful?”
“If this is the case,That would be really wrong。”
See these,at this time,Wang Teng is very calm。
Because now,Wang Teng is already ready。
So it looks like in Wang Teng,In fact, Wang Teng’s heart,It’s even more like I’ve already eaten here。
And in front of Wang Teng,The people around Lei Zhiting have come here。