Li Ming feels carefully,There is a trace of horror in the box。

There are five faint breaths,Overbearing,All together,In contrast, the breath of the other three is slightly inferior。
The lock of the box verifies Li Ming’s soul breath,Opened directly。
“boom~”Five horrible breaths rushed straight into the clouds—-Did not rush,Li Ming slapped it down。 A human king who lives next to Li Ming opened his eyes,Eyes full of anger。
“The kid next door,Relying on being a disciple of the Lord of the Universe,So arrogant!”
“It’s great to have Zhongbao,So showing off wealth!”
“It’s not a son of man。。。。”
And Li Ming didn’t care about the breath of these treasures, which had disturbed the Feng King next door.,Hand press,Suppressed the breath of heavy treasure。
As the breath dissipates,Li Ming directly stretched out his hand,Took out the treasure in the box。
There are five treasures。
A full body armor,A pair of metal wings,A metal token,A palm-sized boat,And a transparent sphere like crystal。
“Brother,I really prepared a complete set of treasures for me。”
Take out the treasures one by one。
About these treasures,Li Ming probably knows some prices。
Among the human race,Mixed unit or‘integral’Can’t buy Zhongbao、Treasures of this level。
Want to buy within the group,Cost is‘Important point’‘Treasure http://www.afhymat.cnpoint’!