2015 Chess Women’s World Championship Round 16 Slow Chess Zhao Xue advanced to the quarterfinals_1

2015 Chess Women’s World Championships Round 16 Slow Chess Zhao Xue advanced to the quarterfinals
In the early hours of March 24th, Beijing time, the 2015 Women’s World Chess Championship in Sochi, Russia ended the third round of the first game of slow chess.Chinese star Zhao Xuexian firstly beat Georgian star Hotnashvili to win the chance to advance to the quarterfinals.The host Russian Army encountered Black Monday, and four chess players unexpectedly and unexpectedly noticed the defeat.Zhao Xuelike Hotnashvili entered the middle stage through the Women’s World Championships, and competition became more intense.In the first round of the slow game of the third round, six of the eight games were the winner!  Zhao Xue, the only Chinese chess player in the round of 16, has faced Georgian player Hottenashvili this round.After the start, Zhao Xue, who is in the lead, successfully made room for breakthroughs, and the position of Zili should also be active, and the situation is very active.Hortenashvili, who has been in passive defense, has frequently taken the exam, and the clock face and the situation are on average highly tense.Afterwards, Zhao Xue looked at the timing and made a breakthrough in the king wing. The rear car elephant cooperated with the black king to launch a fierce attack. Hottenashvili responded to the opposition, making mistakes and quickly surrounding the lost or killed situation.Round to push back and concede defeat.  In several other games, the Russian legion that replaced four seats in the top 16 suffered Black Monday.The loss of the four chess players was a shock.The famous Lithuanian star Chimilid once stubbornly defended against the Georgian chess player Arabize.Gunina, who had a wonderful performance in the second round, performed poorly today, and was defeated by Swedish veteran Crumlin.Another Russian player Bognina and French player Sebag battled for 89 rounds and lost in the car endgame.Former world runner-up Gariyamova lost to the tournament’s number one chess player Koneru.It is worth mentioning that Koneru is also the only player in the World Championships who has maintained a total victory so far.The former world champion Kostenyuk had an advantage in the first half of the game and was unfortunately turned over by Indian chess player Harika.Former world champion Bulgarian Stanfanova suffered the same illness as Kosteniuk, but also lost in the opening advantage and eventually lost to Ukraine’s Muzchuk.Uzbek’s Great Muzchuk today took a draw against Yavashvili of Georgia.  At 8pm on March 24th, Beijing time, 16 players will change first and play the second round of the slow game in the third round.(The official WeChat of the Yingmei Cup National Elephant League: Tal)