“it does not matter,”Chen Geng waved his hand,To Aniston:“Although the content of the contract is confidential,But as long as Mr. Newell can promise to keep the content and specific terms of the contract confidential,This is not a problem……Mr. Newell,You must disclose the contents of the contract to a third party?”

“of course,”Newell nodded solemnly,At the same time strode towards Aniston:“I still have this professional ethics。”
Chen Geng said that it was a cooperation agreement signed with Toei Hiroshima Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. from Aniston,Just flipped a few times,Newell nodded:“Contract is real。”
Immediately return the cooperation agreement to Aniston,Back to my seat。
There is no change in expression on his face,But after Newell’s words,But it seems that there is a storm blowing among the major spare parts suppliers,Because until this time,Many people realized one thing afterwards、A very troublesome thing:If Fernandez considers the supply of aluminum alloy parts with very small quantities,And made targeted arrangements,That own company……
A cool air from the tail vertebrae hits the sky cover!
Countless people……At least two-thirds of the people in charge at the scene changed their faces,Many people immediately picked up the big brother as big as a brick and began to call desperately:The situation has changed dramatically from what was previously expected,This situation must be reported back to the company,The company must adjust toAMCCooperation strategies and methods。
Looking at these stunned parts suppliers,What Chen Geng thought was:Holding grass,So many people calling at the same time,Is the line enough??
Definitely not enough,There is no doubt about this,Just look at the sweaty guys who are already anxious and press the number keys desperately as if they are at a grudge against the big brother in their hands,I know that the nearby base station can’t handle so many calls at the same time.。
at last,Someone can’t hold it,Put down the phone in his hand and shouted to Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,What do you want?Now that you have signed a cooperation agreement with Dongying people,Why call us over?Is it just to make us happy?Ok,I admit,You succeeded,Your specialMSucceeded……”
With this sentence,Many guys who are desperately making calls but have been busy slowed down their actions。
No one cares about the words behind the yelling guy,What they care about is what this guy said before:Yes indeed,Now that Fernandez has signed a cooperation agreement with Dongying’s auto parts companies,Why would we organize this spare parts supplier conference?Is it just to make yourself happy?