“Boss Wang!I said i’m leaving,What are you waiting for?Play for pleasure,But don’t make it difficult?Be careful I lose my temper”Hu Huiru said,The somewhat domineering Chao Wang Youcai waved his hand。

Wang Youcai glanced at Xia Jian,Retired unhappy。Xia Jian said hurriedly:“Hu always doesn’t want to go back?OK, let’s go together!I drank too much,Thinking about going back to sleep”
“OK!But you have to promise my wine bureau”Hu Huiru stood up while talking,Serious face。
First0994chapter Blackmailed singing
Such a beautiful woman,I don’t know how many men stick up。
Xia Jian hesitated and said:“Ok!But it seemed like there was no time for vacuum,I’ll call you after the New Year”Xia Jian’s brain turned,Quickly found an excuse。
“sure!Then leave a call!Convenient for future contact”Hu Huiru’s seriousness,Xia Jian really couldn’t refuse。He had to tell his phone number honestly。
Hu Huiru’s white onion fingers clicked on the phone,Actually called。Xia Jian was forced to save her phone number。Anyway,In front of her,This face should be given,Still have to leave it to her。
“Okay two,Goodbye!I’ll be back to the provincial capital tomorrow,Let’s get together again after the new year”Hu Huiru laughed,Turned around very satisfied and left。
Yao Junli stuck out her tongue at Xia Jian and said:“This woman seems to like you,I see her look at you,It can be described as a fanatic”
“Alright!Let’s go!”Xia Jian said,Walked over,Pulled Yao Junli in a chair。After they settled at the front desk, they stopped a car and went to Yao Junli’s house。
Said to take a break,But two young people together,Sticky together within a few minutes,When Xia Jian was about to succeed,Yao Junli said suddenly a little lost:“Sorry dear,My aunt is here”
The passion of Xia Jianqiang,A word by Yao Junli,It suddenly went out。Even though he is a little bit awkward,But he is not a fool after all。So Xia Jian had to hug the pillow,Fell asleep slowly。
Due to drinking,Xia Jian sleeps very heavily,If it wasn’t for Yao Junli to call him,,This sleep will definitely sleep until the next morning,What are you playing?。
Xia Jian yawned,Sat up from the bed a little bit reluctant,He asked softly:”what time is it,Is it getting dark?“
“It’s eight o’clock,We have to hurry up。Ouyang Hong just called,I asked if I’m going to play,I said I must go,I call you“Yao Junli said,Ha ha smile。
Xia Jian jumped out of bed,Rushed to the bathroom to wash his face,He asked as he wiped his face:“Have you chosen a place??I’m not familiar with this piece“
“I heard that the heart-beating speaker equipment is the best in our city“Yao Junli tried on clothes,Speak loudly。