Lu Haocheng is in terror,I always kill her.。

and,Her home world,Lu Haocheng can’t move her。
Lin Zishi has confident,There is also a bottom gas。
Lu Haocheng looked at Lin Zihang kept walking,Brow keeps tight,How is this woman come up??
Who is so bold?,Dare to put this woman up?
“Continental,I really just want to apologize.,Last time,I have always wanted to give an apology to the main road.,I have never had a chance to enter the land。”
She is very clear in her heart.,Only cooperate with Lu’s Group,Can be close to Lu Haozheng。
I didn’t talk to cooperation with Lu Haocheng.,She talks to the European Pai.。
It’s just that she doesn’t know.,On the day of visiting Lu Yun Group,Lu Haocheng has seen all of her difficulties,so,Lu Haozheng is not disgusting to her,But very disgusting。
certainly,Last time she and Gu Anlance accounts,He did not forget。
He Lu Hao is not a generous person.,For those who design themselves,Never let go easily。
Just when it is not enough.,Some things need opportunities and appropriate scenes。
NS673chapter:It’s so clever together.
Lu Haocheng looked at her more and more close,There is also colder between eyebrows.,Thin lips,Cold silhouette,Very scary。
“You also apologize,Let it go!”
Lu Haocheng。
Lin Ziyi is hard to see Lu Haozheng,Which is so easy to leave,It’s best to get along with him now.。
She has always been full of hope for love.,In her opinion,Love is to marry the bread。
He looked at Lu Haocheng and smiled.:“Continental,Not as good as,Let’s talk about a chat?
We are also related to cooperation now.。”
“I work overtime!”
Lu Haozheng cold voice,As if I have lost patience。
Lin Zihui is full smile:“Excuse me,Disturbed to the main class,I will give a cup of coffee.?”
Lin Zishi smiled,Regardless of Lu Hao Cheng,Put down the bag in your hand,Coffee machines that are not far away。
Lu Haocheng rarely appears in public line of sight,Only well-known financial magazines,When he boarded the cover,Can you see him。
His cold appearance and shocking people’s appearance,A lot of women’s hearts。
Lin Ziwen has been paying attention to domestic news,in,Lu Haozheng’s news is that she pays attention to the most。
I can make a cup of coffee for him now.,This makes her simply, like a prince of his own.。
Lu Haocheng looked at Lin Zhenshi touched his coffee machine,He looked disappointing Lin Zikai,It seems that this coffee machine has been changed.,Used for half a year,It’s changed.。
Look,The security guard at the door should also change it.,Even a woman can’t stop。
Lu Hao’s face is unusual,And Lin Zihang is happy in the coffee。
Lin Zishi foamed coffee,Laughing, the coffee is going to Lu Haozheng。
Lu Haozheng Jun Yan is a disgusting,Why don’t he know?,This world,There is such a thoughtful woman。
Said that the woman is the most face,But is he misunderstood??
Lin Zishi knows Lu Hao Cheng as so cold,Men are like this,Be unfamiliar,Women are like a thief,Once you are familiar with your woman,Isn’t that??
Many of these years have encountered a variety of men,She doesn’t believe that she can’t make a Lu Haozheng.。
“Continental,Try my coffee bar。”
Lin Zikai personally ended the coffee to Lu Haozheng。
She is very confident about her own craftsmanship.,She has learned。