at this time,Qin Ning and Lu Haokai have just opened it.,General Assembly,Everyone has a lot of opinions on her.,I asked her once.。

She also knows,These shareholders can guarantee their income,Will not care in the hand?。
“Mother,Loss is close to 10 billion,Such a big vacancy,Dad is,There is no way to make up for it.。”
Lu Haokai did not expect such a big loss.。
Qin Ning is full of face,Anger,Tone,“Which hospital is you finding your father??”
She is now more worried about Lu Wei to wake up.,She thought that she can easily find Lu Wei。
But,Her people under her hand,I didn’t find the hospital where Lu Jie is located for a few days.,Compared to the company’s things,She is now more eager to know where Lu Wei is。
Lu Haozheng, this little wolf, it seems to be prepared.。
Lu Haoke shook his head,“Mother,No Dad’s message,There is still a more important thing now.,Mu always has been secretly acquiring the stock of Lu Zhu Group,I don’t know how many stocks in his hands.,and,How many stocks in Lu Hao?
We don’t know now。”
Lu Haokai has some headaches。
Mom is too impulsive.,Do not grasp,Make this decision,Instead, push yourself to a more difficult situation。
“damn it!”
Qin Ning angry,“All things are beyond our mastery。”
She thought she could master the overall situation.,I have never thought of dreaming.,Hacker attack,Let her have become meaningless。
Now Lu Wei does not have news,But let her panic.,Lu Haocheng has always been prepared.。
“Mother,There is only one way left now,Sold Lu Yi Group,We can also make a lot of money。”
Lu Haoke wants to go,Only this way is going.。
By the time,With Gu Anan and their family,Go straight to foreign countries.。
Qin Ning looked at him,Slightly shaking head,“Kaikai,You think too simple,Now our stock is in the inside,Established Lu Yi Group,Can we get more。”
“Mother,Lu Yi Group is a large company,As long as the news is put out,There will be many people to buy,We secretly traded,Take money,Let’s live abroad,It is also better than packing this rotten stall.。”
He is most annoying,A little one,He is so crazy.。
“Shut up!”
Qin Ning looked at him,Face hate iron,“Kaikai,Why don’t you cool??
Now things are still over the controlled range,We can’t give up。”
Lu Haokai spit out a breath,Nor:“Mother,We now don’t know who attacks our online platforms.,Don’t say to Luo Cheng’s shares.,How many shares in Lu Hao,We don’t know all.。
And Mu Ziqi Dad,A part of the shares,We win。”
Tell this matter,Qin Ning is extremely angry,She looked around and no one,Suddenly furious, pointed to Lu Haokai’s mind,“What kind of person are you looking for??
Jiang’an,Don’t you say it is very powerful??
You look at him,Where is it,Going to find a better hacker。”
Lu Haokai is helpless,Just feel upset,He also angry:“Mother,This is already the most professional hacker I have.。
Any has been doing very well,Just this hacker is too powerful.。”
“A fart,See what you are looking for 歪 裂 枣,People who have no heartless people have no rule of law,Jiang’an is good,But his IQ and his computer operation cannot be more than,He is thin in his head and the peak hypoxia,He naturally can’t come up with a better way.。”
Lu Haokai two hands,Laugh:“Mother,Then you go to find yourself,I have no way.。”
Qin Ning smiled and looked at him.,“Now,You go to hire Lin Zikai to come to our company.,She is because of the sin of Lu Hao,Dedicated by the company,Now we are a person on a battleline.,Lin Ziwen’s head,It can be more useful to take care of Anan.。”
Lu Haokai is shocked,“Because of the last one,She was dismissed by the company?”
“Um!This morning,Gu Anan told me。
Yao Yao has some want to let her go to their company.,After all, Lin Zishi is in the designer.,There are also unique talents.,And this thing is secretly handled,Many people don’t know why Lin Zishi leaves the company.,As long as she arrived in our company,Mother has arranged。”