However, she has not yet waiting for her reaction.,Fladder,Her whole people have flipped in the air,Heavy 上。

She can’t take care of pain,Under the context look up,But I saw a person Xu stepped.。
This is a girl who is about the 12th year old.,Teenage girl is tender,It is extremely cold,Just in her eyes,It is a uncomfortable。
“This……”Significant sound is now,“This……Isn’t this me??”
She remembered,First murder,It is in the age of 12……And she turned over to the people who were killed.。
NS2443Chapter This is the road to Changsheng
Lacquer,Not a light footsteps。
Summer is still walking in the dark。
Just at this moment,The expression on his face is numb。
A pair of eyes have also fallen into a stagnation。
If you do your meat。
He didn’t know how long he got.。
There is no time and space concept,As if I have gone hundreds of millions of years。
But he is still insisting。
One of the hearts of the heart is supporting him。
When people are powerful。
He is a person,Not God。
“Maybe you should take a break for a while,eat something……”His mind is not a thought。
This kind of thought is a life,There is no inhibitory spread。
His footsteps,Also becomes more and more heavy。
Summer feels like there is a giant mountain to press itself.,Let him Zhang Dazhi but angry。
gradually,He is surprised to find,His footstep actually synchronized with his heartbeat frequency.。
A moment,He doesn’t even feel itself.。
“……”this moment,He under this state,But it seems to be integrated into the world.。