Flip http://www.iyuhuashi.cn clothes;

Run to the balcony to continue to distress……
He imagined that the group was seriously hiding in the drawer.,Shake into a group of moving。
Or after he heard his words after the happiness。
Zhouzhi suggested her tail from outside of the drawer,The range of the tail is still small,But the frequency is significantly accelerated,Sale of her inside。
But he is still a little more。
Until a few minutes——
“what is this?”
“Actually still moving!”
The tail realized that he was discovered.,Immediately hit。
Zhou Zhi this only walked,Two fingers gently twisted this tail,Take a little hard。
The drawer is slowly opened。
The group is shrunk,Staring at him,A pair of eyes surprised and smart。
“Oh, I was found.!”
“Finally found。”Zhou Zongsheng tone,“I have a hard work.。”
“Great you, you are stupid.!”Against http://www.qdscy.cn road。
“Naturally, it is more than a group。And give more thanks to the tail,Otherwise I don’t know how long I have to think of the group of people, I have hidden in this small drawer.。”Zhou Shaken shook his head,This game is too difficult。
Wen said that the group will become annoyed.,She said with her breath.:“The tail always does not listen!”
“Strange tail。”
“All in a strange……Tail!”
“The big man is a cat。”
What identity is a group?,Naturally not a kind of demon,I saw her climbing on the edge of the drawer.,Jump to the ground to go,Four small fines are very happy。
Zhouzhi left and right,Some helplessness。
Although his home is already big enough,But he can’t just enter the room of the old and Jiang Yi’s old week.,Therefore, hiding scope can only be a http://www.gatzo.cn room、Kitchen and kitchen balcony、I wish you stay in the room、study、Storage room and bathroom。And he is such a big living person,The corner of the building is really flexible in the corner of him in the house.。
Time is running out……
This little thing jumped.5,Jumped again7,I don’t know how to jump on the ten digits.!
Zhou Zhiyou drilled into the room that I wish to live before Ib,Now the room has been cleaned up.,Wardrobe is empty,He carefully drilled in,And hold your breath。
“The group of people came to you.!”
“Zhouzhi you hide?”
“If you hide, you will answer the adults.!”
Voiced,Silently ears。
The fine footsteps sound,The light can be listened to the sound of the sound, I can imagine her look like a small walk.。
First go to the bathroom。
I went to the kitchen again.。