You are stunning,I am afraid you die is death.。

Because the master of Dapeng is too much too much.,The other system departments of the Temple of the Temple of Temples are large.,An alien wants to promote it almost difficult as。
“it is good,That’s good。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“correct,Have a guy called nine-day regulations??”
Last a few guys, behind the knife,This person is,If this person is here, it is exactly accounts.。
“Nine days?This person is in that direction,He is with a magistrate,The monk group is looking for flowers。”Nine, laugh, explain:“The owner can calculate it with them.,I introduce the guys of the gods and the magic。”
“Ok,I don’t want to conflict with them.。”Lin Feng heard the thoughts,Not he is afraid。
This will cause new conflicts when you die.,He doesn’t care,It will wave to the sky,Luo Shui et al。
“Owner,I will go this.。”Nine reverse the words directly turned to the void disappeared。
Lin Feng’s figure also went to this space to go to the depths of this space.。
This space is deep,Fans,Husen’s breath,Growing some unknown plants,Full of dangerous breath,A few figure flew in the void。
These people are the magic,Emperor,Three people in nine days,Since the last time I got a hand, I brought a Lin Feng.,How much is three people?,Later, Lin Feng returned,And serve as the news of the main owner。
It is even more uneasy to feel deep.。
No matter where you come,Very vigilance,Erafe Lin Feng to find the door。
“Brother,This flower is not good looking for。”Emperor is too looked at the void。 “I also know that I am not looking for.,But you must complete the task,If it is looking for,We will not go to horses themselves.。”Magical:“I have heard that Lin Feng can resist the temple of the God of Mind.。”
“Rumor,how is this possible,It is definitely the people in the Arrange Temple in the bragging。”Nine-day contemporary:“80% is scared by the suspension。”
“good,Brother,you think too much,The hanging money is the trolley of the Hall of the Monte Monarch.,Even if it is the temple of the god hall, it will be a few points.。”Emperor Taicai:“His cultivation is impossible to grow so fast。”
“That’s good,Old feeling suddenly,what about you?”Magic。
“Heart god?I didn’t think it’s.。”Emperor and nine days have been laughing:“Brother,you think too much,Let it go,Find the flower of the meditation。”
“it is good,Looking for the flower of the death,I will not come out in the magic.。”Magic is biting, biting his teeth。
“Need to turn off for a while!”
Di Taica and nine days, the two people heard the words also,Now the three people continue to go to the depths of this space,Suddenly a voyager sounded,Three people look bright。
The flowers are generally growing in places with water。
Soon three people fly over,Sure enough, I saw a big river.,This big river is huge,Surged,Wide width of the river,This water contains horrible power。
Jiangshui does not know where to flow。
The sound of the riverside is incomparable,The blood of the three strong people in a moment has a frozen feeling,They have turned their skills,The blood in the body flows smoothly。
And this Chinese icy source of breath is a fascinating flower,This flower is scattered,Monster beauty,Available in the air,Ink green branches。
Root roots in the depths of the soil of the waterfront。
The leaves of this flower are very mysterious,The natural six reincarnation pattern is actually emerged.,Survive force。
“Plowing flower!”
Nine days,Magic,Emperor is so excited about this flower,Finally, I found it.。
The three people can’t help but go.,Prepare the flow of this plant,Three people are ready to directly score this flower,But the three people just came up, a figure came in front of the flower.。
“Triple,Your luck is really good.,It is easy to find a flower。”This movie has turned around for nine days.,Emperor,Magic。
“Lin Feng!”