Thick salt slimming: the most perfect de weight loss method?

Thick salt slimming: the most perfect de weight loss method?

Nowadays, many girls spend all their money at the cost of slimming, including spending a lot of money and time, but some slimming effects are not at all. For the long-sold coarse salt slimming method, in fact, weight loss does not have to be wasted, mainlyYou need to be willing to spend some time with your heart every day.

The coarse salt has always been a beauty star. It is said that the coarse salt can be used to eliminate excess residue on the body. Does the coarse salt diet have such a capacity to lose weight? In this issue, we will identify the coarse salt with everyone.The method of slimming, in the end, does it have the effect of losing weight in the body?

I hope that the introduction of this issue will bring you detailed slimming knowledge and realize the slimming dream as soon as possible.

  The principle of slimming: Is the perfect body “salted”?

  According to the action of sweating of coarse salt, it can replenish excess water in the body, promote skin metabolism, eliminate body waste, and add coarse salt to soften dirt and replenish body salt and minerals, so coarse salt can not only help to lose weight, but alsoIt can make the skin become delicate and delicate, and it is more beautiful, so it is more loved, and more and more related products of coarse salt.

  The principle of coarse salt weight loss is actually very simple, two words can be summarized: “bacon”.

Sprinkle a handful of salt on the meat and you will find that the moisture in the meat will continue to leak out.

  Thick salt slimming method: Every part is thin!

  The double chin double chin of the coarse salt slimming method is quite annoying to the slimming MM. Even if you are not a little fat girl, you will have the opportunity to entangle you, and it will seriously affect the measurability of the squat, so when it appears, it is necessary towipe out.

  Tip: Sensitive hand-back massage Many people have skin-sensitive problems in their hands, that is, the housewife’s hand. If you encounter a substance with a higher concentration, it will be easy to get up and red, so if you belong to a type, it is best.Use only the back of the hand to massage, avoiding salt contact directly with the palm.


Dip the hands with wet water, then stick the coarse salt, hold the palm and push the chin around the chin for 20 times, so that the chin generates heat.


Continue to manually push the chin around the chin for 20 times.


Tear off the appropriate length of wrap to wrap the chin and keep the heat on.


Then use a cloth or towel to fix the wrap. After 10 minutes, add the wrap and remove the salt with warm water.

  The method of rough salt slimming method is the most prone to edema. The long-term sleep is not good. Drink too much water before going to bed. Undernutrition can cause edema. Even if diet pills are not effective, the quickest way isExtract excess water directly.

  Tip: The test should be applied to the skin through the skin to avoid skin sensitivity. You can try a small amount of salt on the cheekbones for 15 minutes.


Wet hands and face with water first, then apply salt with salt.

And prepare 5 hot towels and 5 frozen towels in advance.


Leave a small hole in the wrap for breathing and wrap it around the entire face.


Apply the hot towel to the surface for 1 minute, then apply it to the frozen towel for 1 minute. The frozen heat is used continuously, then remove the wrap, and then wash the salt with warm water.

  The elephant leg with the coarse salt slimming method has passed the summer with the most chance of showing the meat, but the winter will continue to popular short skirts and tights, and any excess meat on the legs can not be ignored.


First, hold a thick salt with both hands.


Then sit on the chair or on the ground, place your feet on any object above the heart position, then wet the whole pair with the water, spread the salt in your hand evenly on the belly, and push it back and forth 20 times with your fist.


Also apply the salt to the thighs evenly and push it 20 times in the direction of the waist.


When the entire leg is pushed to heat, wrap the entire leg with plastic wrap, remove the wrap after 10 minutes and wash off the salt with warm water.

  User experience: the use of coarse salt slimming effect!

  In order to better understand and understand the effects of the coarse salt slimming method and its effects, Xiao Bian collected some objective comments on netizens from the forums and websites that love to ask knowledge, Baidu know, search and ask questions,Posted out, especially for reference.  Very “salt” faction: shily (the person who loves to ask knowledge) has a certain effect, but these should be suitable for people.

  Although it has a certain effect, it is not particularly good for the skin, and it will[the skin becomes rough.

  Even if it hurts, it is normal. I have tried it, but I have not persisted and it is too hard.

  I think that losing weight is still the one that is most suitable for you, so that it will last for a good effect!

  ヾ Dancer 女 (female magazine community) coarse salt appropriate weight loss also has a great public effect, in the bath every day, use warm water to wet the body, and then use the coarse salt on the eye to lose weight, easy to back and forth, untilThe skin appears reddish and small, and then rinse with water. Generally, you can see the obvious effect after using it for a week or so. The beauty MMs do not hinder the attempt, that is, the cheap and cost-effective method, is it not your heart?

  Anti-“Salt” faction: boring (search and ask) has no effect, I tried.

  Can be set ⌒{⌒风(搜搜问问) If you can lose weight, you have already reduced the “ can be bad effect’ ‘the skin is easy to make mistakes “ the best way to lose weight to do more exercise.

  Editor’s comment: Salt is a substance that is inedible in the body. The coarse salt has been raised in the beauty industry very early, and it has been widely used in the beauty industry and has appeared as a part of salt-based cosmetics. As for the aspect of weight loss, it is thick.Salt weight loss is a very economical method of slimming. After some netizens’ screening, it has a certain effect, but it only achieves the effect of slimming by draining excess water from the body, but not everyone is suitable for weight loss with coarse salt.Salt weight loss is not an adult for weight loss exercise, and it helps you to remove excess water inside the body. This method of weight loss is more suitable for edema type obesity.

For simple adult obesity, this method may not achieve weight loss.

  Some people have used the crude salt slimming method to think that it is effective in eliminating edema. This method is only effective for obesity caused by edema, and it is helpless in the face of real fat.

At the same time, some netizens and doctors reported skin allergies or skin damage.

However, due to the low price, I believe that many sisters would like to try it. If one method is used, it is best to use the disinfected crude salt and distilled water to infect bacterial infection.

  But in terms of effect, no matter what slimming method takes a certain amount of time to be effective, so the coarse salt slimming method may not be polished in one day or two, so be sure to persevere!

  Tips for thick salt slimming: 1.

Massage is important to promote blood flow and help with moisture removal, but remember to be lighter and too heavy, but it will cause the skin to become rougher.


Sensitive skin Remember not to use salt or coarse salt, which can cause skin damage.

The so-called coarse salt is as fine as the salt we eat, just like the salt that people used to eat, the salt can be large or small, uneven.


If you want to mix into a paste, you should pay attention to the ratio of salt to water, more salt, less water.


After mixing into a paste, gently massage in the place where you want to slim down. If there is no wound, there should be no feeling of pain. Is it uneven, and there is a large salt in it, if it doesn’t feelComfortable, just stop.

  Identification results: The coarse salt slimming method is more suitable for edema type obesity, and has no effect on simple sputum type obesity!