Accelerated Digital Transformation Beijing Siyi New Energy User Experience Center official

  On October 16, 202, Beijing Siyu New Energy User Experience Center officially opened, new Baohaus style simple design, comprehensive service ribbon and interactive experience, giving people a beautiful enjoyment and pleasant value experience, this marking In the process of entering the new energy car golden ten years, Si Wei’s new energy is a solid step by digital transformation of users.

  Siyi is a new joint venture user created by Jiang Automobile Group and German Volkswagen Group, adhering to the brand concept of "born, I dare, different", based on globalization, young, ecological brand gene, is committed to building The value of "pleasure" core user. As the Z generation gradually became the main force of car consumption, traditional 4S store models have encountered more and more challenges, and the concept of "New Retail" is also raised.

Siyu New Energy released the "Dream Partner" program in the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, will build a new ecosystem center as the user experience.

  Unlike traditional 4s shop, the Siyu New Energy User Experience Center designed around "Good Experience" is more like a gifted star after get off work, a party, chatting, not just a car, buy a car Site.

At the User Experience Center, you can go to the coffee area to taste delicious coffee, enjoy a moment; you can talk about friends together, talk about chatting; you can also go to the car to experience rich entertainment function, watch movies, chase, The same is not falling.

Siyu New Energy hopes that the user experience center can become a place where users gather friends, and the site exchanges, becomes an indispensable part of life.

  On the car, the Siwei New Energy User Experience Center is more humanized and transparent. Users can make a test drive through the Siwei new energy applet or official app, and go to the local user experience center to learn more about product information and prices, preferential policies. Siyu New Energy also established an immersive scene of immersive scene: V2L external discharge app car control display area, trend nail experience zone, created "Vehicle-User-Service-Service" perfect closed-loop experience.

  As a star product of Siwei New Energy, a new generation of intelligent pure electric SUV Siwei E40X and high-energy pure electric coupe Siyu E50A naturally became the focus of the user experience center. As the flagship model, E40X and E50A, the flagship model, E40X and E50A on SUV and car models, showing the king style in the same level. As the only level of pure electric SUVs that take the L2 + high-order intelligent assist driving function, E40X will enhance technology to lead the future.

Bo Xunfei smart voice system + Huawei wisdom ecology, enhances the smart cockpit experience to a new height, becoming the preferred choice for "science and technology house"; if you prefer sports, speed, performance, Siyu E50A will make you satisfied.

Returning tailgate coupe design, zero hundred acceleration, 530km long battery life, from outside moving atmosphere, young people’s first pure electric coupe.