Moreover, Andre, who came from a big financial oligarch family, has a well-earned family since childhood,He can’t be moved by money,So he is even less likely to be the designer。

Of course,Whether it’s Li Jiaxing,Still Andre,After rebirth, Qiao Tianyu contacted them many times,So Qiao Tianyu is sure to confirm,Those two little donkeys are definitely not“Reborn”!
and so,Li Jiaxing and Andre were easily excluded from the list by Qiao Tianyu。
After removing those two little donkeys,Qiao Tianyu is the only candidate for inspection“Joe’s Four King Kong”The other two:Sanjay?Khan and Xu Jiahao!
Let me talk about that first“Asan”Sanjay?Sweat it。
Sanjay?Brother Khan is definitely an out-and-out computer wizard,And it’s the kind of supercomputer hacker that frightens the world!
He grew up living in the lowest slums in India,I didn’t have the chance to come into contact with high-end objects like computers that are not his class。
But because of a chance,His mother was fortunate enough to work as a female worker in a local wealthy family of high caste,It just so happens that the eldest lady of this wealthy family is a student of the computer department of the Indian Institute of Technology, the highest school in India.。
So Sanjay’s mother often picks up some books or rubbish abandoned by the eldest lady and sells it for money,I picked up a copy once“computerCLanguage programming”。
As a result, the book was being seen by Sanjay,Full of curiosity, he opened the programming language textbook,Since then I have been stuck in the world of computers,So he also started his legendary computer career。
To talk about Sanjay’s famous work,It was an earth-shattering thing he did when he was ten。
2003After the outbreak of the Iraq War,The United States launched a full-scale invasion of Iraq,The U.S. military is in short26Destroyed Saddam’s regime in one fell swoop,Quickly occupied all of Iraq。
The U.S. invasion of Iraq aroused strong opposition from peace-loving people all over the world.,They declared their dissatisfaction with the United States through various channels,One of the most radical,The counterattack of the World Hacker League。
Facing the United States’ insistence on launching a war against Iraq,When the whole world is angry,Young people in the World Hacker League are filled with outrage,It’s brewing a big earth-shattering plan。
And this time,The World Hacker League set its sights on the root of all evil in the Iraq war、U.S. command center—United States Pentagon。