My own materials actually carry some ice properties,This means that the slight difference in the surrounding temperature will also affect the casting of the entire armor。

Good reminder!
I never thought of this layer。
“Thanks girl,Very helpful。”I wish Minglang happy。
Zhu Minglang turned and left,After I walked a little far away,Not only smiled bitterly。
Hard to top,It’s really hard!
According to the prophet’s sister-in-law,Forging in the coldest autumn night。
The course of the night really went well,I wish Minglang completely trimmed Xiao Bai’s body shape with the ice texture,And smoothly stitched several materials together……
There is no flame by the furnace,On the contrary, it is an extremely cold blue fire。
Zhu Minglang standing by the blue fire,I have instilled my spiritual power on the roots of Wannian Feathers。
Caster this job,It can also be called a tailor。
It’s just that Zhumen’s casting art never holds stitches and weaves stitches there.,When the spiritual power flows evenly on each feather,These feathers are like giving life,Dancing around Zhu Minglang,Then it slowly landed on the ice grain leather。
Dragon silk is also manipulated with spiritual power,These silks are like schools of fish leaping out of the river,Ups and downs,Soon, all the Wannian Feathers and the ice pattern leather were combined together。
“The inscription process is tomorrow,I don’t know if it can be completed successfully。”Zhu Minglang is talking to himself,Xiao Bingchen and Bailong lying on the side of the stove have fallen asleep,But I still hold my eyelids,Continue to work with Zhu Minglang。
the next day,It’s also the coldest time of autumn night,I wish Minglang start to inject the inscription。
The inscription is the soul core of this dragon armor,It is related to the armor effect of its birth,It’s also related to whether this white Feather armor is complete。