China @ 四 川 | Crossing thousands of miles of Sichuan Education Class

  Xinhua News Agency, March 18th (Reporter Gao Peng Yang Di) "The ancient discipline, there is not only the talents of the world, and there will be a good one," accompanied by the Your Guzheng, Sichuan Liangshan Yi The students of Dongfanghong Elementary School in Zhaoji County, the autonomous state, recited ancient classics, and passed the local cliff village through precision poverty alleviation policy "Tiandang Tutor". At the same time, far from Kangding City, Sichuan Province, Kangding City, Sichuan Province, and the eighth grade classmates waved the national flag, and the "singing the motherland" in front of the camera, the new classroom is full of laughter; more than 600 kilometers The first primary school in Wenchuan County, Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, more than 10 students who dressed in the Yi nationality jumped up the school’s self-contained national dance "New Yun".

  The three places interacted with the same screen, opened more than 100,000 students in Sichuan Province.

Under the guidance of the integration construction research center of the Ideological and Political Education, Sichuan Province, Sanzhou area combines underline and offline, and realizes thoughts and social teaching resources to hide thousands of kilometers by means of the audio and video of the staple platform. Interconnection.

  "Three states are located in the mountainous area, and thinking of teaching resources has been shortage. With video conferencing technology and AI algorithm, Sanzhou students are in sync classroom, achieving teaching interaction, exposed to a more fresh teaching content." Aba Prefecture education Director Lu Xiajun said that this form is still the first in the construction of the State and political construction of the state.

  In the first primary school in Wenchuan County, the students who participated in the intestiance class watched the teaching video of the students ‘parents’ childhood children.

In the video, there is a foreign worker father to the daughter, and there are also medical workers to express their embarrassment to their son.

  "Jialao, my mother can not accompany you because of the epidemic cause, I hope you can take care of yourself and quickly grow into a top-standing man.

"In the video, Chen Jiahao’s mother has a few degrees of gentle.

The little boy who was active in the classroom was still in the classroom. At this time, the body was lowered.

  "Mom used to take care of me to give up a better development opportunity, I think she is very difficult." Chen Jiahao said, although the mother is more time to accompany, but from daily and mother’s video call, he can feel the mother. Love, in the future, be sure to return parents. The first primary school in Wenchuan County was "5.12" New school after the Wenchuan earthquake, one-third of the school in more than 1,300 students is left behind. Wang Jia, deputy director of the school’s moral education, said that these thinking and political courses will report problems in inspiring students from their parents, so that they will more understand their parents, leading to children to establish a sense of responsibility, and their adults. "Innovative thinking forms have also built a growth platform for the Sichuan teachers in the ethnic areas, and excellent teaching resources share help teachers’ ability.

Yang Xinghui, the president of Dongfanghong Primary School, Zhaojue County, said, deepening the reform and innovation of thinking and political courses, which will benefit students and teachers, and achieve the benign circulation of teaching. "I saw the thinking of the thinking class. "Professor Li Xiaodong, Beijing Normal University commented on the teaching point." I look forward to the three states to continue to work together to help the children are fastening the first button.