This is the ultimate trick of Cloud Fighter——Destroy the world!

This knife is condensed by Ninth-Rank True Qi,Knock out,Immediately destroyed the giant hammer condensed by Zhou Xiangnan completely,All Zhou Xiangnan’s evasion space has been sealed by the knife,No flash!
Xiaoyao Yufengbu is already out of use。
Zhou Xiangnan only felt the breath of death suddenly hit his face,Eyes can’t help but go round,A look of fear appeared on his face,Knife,His two palms were severed by his wrists。
Chen Xiu doesn’t stop,Two palms,The blue giant blade turned into two blue embroidered spring knives and cut off Zhou Xiangnan’s legs.。
Zhou Xiangnan lost his arms、The legs are directly into the air and fall。
813 Scold wrong
Zhou Xiangnan’s eyes showed resentment,Struggling to say:“you……Why don’t you kill me!”
Chen Xiu said lightly:“Aren’t you trying to suck my blood,I keep your life just to suck your blood!”
Chen Xiu stood up,Directly joined the battle between Zhu Huiwei and Zhou Xiangbei,Even shouted:“Old Zhu,Go suck Zhou Xiangnan!”