20 measures in Liaocheng promote the innovation of traditional Chinese medicine

  This newspaper (Reporter Yu Guojiao) On December 6, the Municipal Government News Office held a press conference, invited deputy secretary, deputy director of the Municipal Health and Health Committee, and Xie Hua, deputy director of the Municipal Pharmaceutical Administration, "About Promoting Chinese Medicine Inheritance Innovation Some measures to develop "(hereinafter referred to as" measures ") interpret and answer reporters.

  "Measures" is the municipal party committee and the municipal government to implement the national and provincial Chinese medicine conferences, accelerate the innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine, proposed 20 specific initiatives.

  Improve the Chinese Medical Service System.

The city will strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine hospitals, and the people’s governments above the county level are reasonably planned and allocated in the regional health plan. In the existing basis, the scale of public Chinese medicine hospitals is expanded, and the new hospital area is set as needed.

The city’s implementation of the grassroots Chinese medicine service capacity improvement project 145 Action Plan, by the end of 2022, realizing all community health service stations and more than 80% of the village bathroom can provide Chinese medicine services. Strengthen the construction of the key preschool of Chinese medicine.

The city launched a key specialist construction of the municipal level 145 Chinese medicine, strengthening the five general-study constructions of the second-level Chinese medicine hospital, strengthens the construction of the emergency, severe medical medicine in Chinese medicine hospitals. Promote the high quality development of Chinese medicine industry.

The city will vigorously develop the advantageous varieties of Liaocheng Chinese herbal medicine, cultivate Ganoderma lucidum, etc. Strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine talent team.

The city actively promotes Liaocheng universities to open Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and tunnel and traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation and other majors, focus on developing Chinese medicine higher vocational education, implementing high-level talents, and docking national and provincial talents training projects, using 5 years, training 100 Native Chinese Medicine Backbone Talents.

At the same time, the city will improve the incentive mechanism of talents, and the Chinese medicine physicians of long-term service grassroots are tilted in progress.

  Promote Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation.

The city will vigorously promote the cultural cultural cultures of the water city, and build East Ajiajiao.

The city will accelerate research and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, and establish a Liaocheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute to establish a Clinical Medicine Research Center to establish a clinical medicine research, support East Ajiao Group to build a high-level Chinese medicine research and innovation platform.

  Strengthen the coordination of Chinese medicine work.

The city will deepen the reform of traditional Chinese medicine medical services, and improve the medical insurance payment method that meets the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. Tilt the medical insurance control indicator to TCM medical institutions, and appropriately increase the ratio on the basis of the original control. At the same time, the city will also establish investment mechanism in accordance with the development of Chinese Medicine Hospital, implement the government’s investment responsibility, improve the management system of Chinese medicine, and strengthen the city to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine development work leading groups in coordination. [Responsible Editor: Hou Mingming].