Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Seven Smuggling table
Subsequently,What belt、Clothes etc.,Varying amounts。Although the auction price is not high,But at least someone wants,Unlike the Indian goldware just now,Nobody cares。
Populus did not act,Until a batch of smuggled watches appeared,There are several brands,Sorted out one by one,Batch bidding。
Among them is a Swiss brand——Cartier,It is also one of the first-class watches。
Swiss watches,No one knows,That represents the top watch craftsmanship。
Like this batch of Cartier watches in front of me,The normal price is between 30,000 and 50,000,Fifty in total,Starting price 800,000,Hu Yang shouted directly to one million。
Smuggling watches,Not too many people are interested。Generally speaking,Famous watches pay attention to origin。These are not very legitimate goods,No later service,Difficult to resell,So it was easy for Hu Yang to take it。
average price,Only twenty thousand,It’s a bit cheaper。
however,Zhang Qingliang and Hua Zai don’t understand,Why did Brother Hu get so many smuggled watches??Although the quality is the same,But this kind of table does not have a certificate or the like,Few people collect。
Say again,These are almost the same,What to do?
Some colleagues of Zhang Qingliang,Also noticed here。Lao Zhang is in their impression,Is a person with little sense of existence。this time,Came with a boss,Really surprised them。
“Hu Ge,Why do you buy so many watches?”Hua Zi couldn’t help asking。
With Hu’s eyes,I should not look down on this kind of watch,At least millions of top watches,Isn’t it the identity of Brother Hu??At least Huazi thinks so。
“Naturally useful,We can give benefits to the audience in the future。”