Lianfeng looked at Xin Zhao walking out around the towel,Not only did not blush,Instead smiled at him,Then sincerely comment。

‘Lianfeng what does this mean,Said he was in good shape,Is it to take advantage of yourself,I want to follow,Or from it!’
Thinking in my heart,Xin Zhao walked straight over,And then sat beside Lianfeng“Pitiful beauty,Did you know that you broke into a man’s room like this,Is actually a great sin。”
“how,Are you going to punish me!”Lianfeng reached out and patted Xin Zhao on the shoulder,Shook his head“Little brother~younger brother,You are too young,Sister is not interested in you,I’m here to bring you clothes,Those clothes are ready。”
Finished talking,Lianfeng directly retrieved information from the dark plane,Then several sets of maid costumes appeared on the table not far from Xin Zhao。
at this time,Xin Zhao is in no mood to care about that maid outfit,Clothes are always clothes,No one is good looking。
“Sister Lianfeng,Ever told you,You are challenging the bottom line of a man like this,And this,It is easy to trigger some parts that are easier to cause harmony,Are you sure to do this!”Xin Zhao moved closer to Lianfeng,At this time, he can feel his heart beating faster。
This is from everywhere~Male cheers,Needless to say the pity and beauty,Top beauties。Body shape,It’s the kind of front convex and back warped,Gentle and pleasant type。
And this is it,It can inspire a man’s desire to conquer~hope!
Reach out and knock out Xin Zhao’s hand,Lianfeng just got up“I’m here this time to send you clothes,Remember what you promised me!”
But was rejected by Lianfeng,Xin Zhao can hear his inner sorrow,That’s the wailing of a single man for more than 20 years。
“OK OK,let’s go!Remember to bring me the door when you go out,Thank you!”Finished talking,Xin Zhao lay straight back,Just lying on the bed。
Lianfeng saw Xin Zhao like this,Of course there is no way of sacrificing himself to comfort him,Walk straight towards the door,Open the door,close the door。
Then Xin Zhao was left alone in the house again。
‘Oh my god,If I was a little tougher just now,Can you eat meat today?,By the way, liberate my good brother who has been single for more than 20 years。’
I just thought about this idea in Xin Zhao’s mind,If he dares to do it,How many methods Lianfeng has to wait for him。