Han Shanshan is obviously knowing these things,But her heart, but I don’t know when I already have a shadow.。

Perhaps it is a shadow of each other when I was at the same table at the same time.,Just have never found it.。
After all, after the university,She is also more than once, I miss this can bully each other.,The other side can still smile at the same table。
Next day,Li Hui Feng is with a large white and row。
Then prepare to refine the drug cream。
The next day in Li Hui,The village is actually a blown pot.。
Because of the intervention of the judiciary,Those double prices sell villagers who go to vegetables directly face the danger of checking the seal。
Facing people in these government departments,There are still a few times at the beginning who wants to split.,But the next few days have been monitored.,Even a grain is followed by food.。
The money for selling food is directly used to compensate for Li Hui。
As a result,Many people are beginning to recognize。
After all, no one wants to be followed.,Especially the feeling that can’t return。
Several people who split rolls are wanting to use no money to smother over。
Results Newly added color TV at home,The refrigerator is directly confident,Then used to auction。
The price of the auction is naturally to bought low.。
Even some direct shooting,I don’t like the color TV refrigerator.,If you can participate in the auction, you can participate in the auction.。
The hoe in the home is ready to be used as a scrap iron.,Hundreds of people splashing and rolling are also immediately。
I am willing to compensate。
And the price of compensation is not double,Instead, how much is the amount of vegetables sold, paying for Li Hui Feng,It is equivalent to it for a few months.。
But even so many people are crying。
After all, the money is not happy yet.。
Some people in these people,Some people are bleak。
Wu Lu is one of them,At the beginning, he regretted the intestines.,After all, the money sold by these people is more than one.。
But now,He is happy,Feel your luck,Fortunately, I didn’t follow Li Hui’s way.。
Otherwise it’s now a broken arm,The broken leg is definitely less than him.,The most critical is to pay more compensation to Li Hui。
A few days,Li Hui Feng also received a lot of compensation。
Less than a week,The compensation in the village is already in place.。
As a result, Li Hui Rong is now walking on the road, no one say hello.。
For this situation he seems to have already seen it.,I don’t think about the idea of saying hello to others.。
Just when he was ready to go to Taohua Village.,Zhang Duo in the county city is called the phone。
“Lee brother,Now our business is getting bigger and bigger.,And earn more and more,I am going to expand the engineering team,By the way, let you find a accounting for the account.,I am a little busy.。”
Zhang Duo is started to feel,But with the money earned more and more,He feels like this.,After all, he also manages the team while paying.,The team is small.,But once it is huge,So, Li Hui is not suspicious.,He also feels happy to hang。
Unloading killing things he saw a lot in the county town,Every time you drink,Those little bosses have more drunk,There will also be a variety of ways of unloading killing.,And now he takes the initiative to put the economic power,Let Li speak people with the wind to take over,It is a good thing for him.。
After all, he doesn’t want to have a turtle in a county.。