When the sword formation was formed,A force suddenly appeared。

In front of Li Ming,An old man appeared,But Li Ming could see that this should be a magic weapon or something similar。
“Outsider,stop!”The surface of the elderly condenses a lot of energy,Blessing above prohibition。
“This senior?”Li Ming’s ten-handled flying sword turned into stars to protect his body,Asked slightly wary。
“No need to panic,I am the magic weapon of this cave,You can call me‘Dry old man’!I show up,Not to deal with you。”
“I don’t know what the old man has to do?”Having said that,But Li Ming didn’t let his guard down。
“Very simple,The formation prohibition of breaking through the universe tower to seize the quota,What is tested is one’s own strength,And it must be in airflow,Divine power is not allowed,No effort allowed。”
“Even if it’s a pure air refining method,Can not use magic weapons above pure anode products。”The old man said:“Whether it’s a single handle,If it is a complete set of pure anode products, no more than three pieces are allowed,Pure Yang Top Grade Magic Power does not allow more than nine handles。”
“You ten flying swords,A single power is a pure anode magic weapon,Already exceeded the limit。”The old man said with a smile,“I know you are Outland,The so-called strong from the land of the Three Realms。I will not discriminate against you because you are an outsider,Just a real fairy in my universe,Few magic weapons can be obtained above pure anode products。”
“That senior,How many flying swords can I use!”Li Ming is a little speechless。
“Your flying sword is a bit weird!”The old man frowned,“The surface material is a very ordinary pure Yang top-grade magic weapon。But its power has reached the threshold of pure anode products。。。such,Even six handles,You can only use up to six handles。”
“The eyesight of this magic weapon is really good!”Li Ming’s inner sigh,This flying sword itself is a set of pure Yang top-grade magic weapons,But incorporate the nine-fold prohibition,Suppression of power surge。
Just a preliminary inspiration,Vaillant is comparable to pure anode products。of course,This integration into the nine-fold chaos prohibition is also related to the material of the magic weapon itself。
If it is human、Tier magic weapon,Even if it merges into the nine-fold chaos restriction,Power is not much stronger。
but,This restriction is very detrimental to him。
“Alright little guy,Can’t work hard,Can’t use magic,Can only use own mana。”The old man is still smiling,“of course,Can’t use external force,Such as manipulating puppets,Or use stored power to burst out treasures at once。”
“In that case,Then I’m going!”Li Ming frowned slightly。
Just use a flying sword,Flying sword can’t form an array,I can only use magic power—Your own strength is too restricted。