“As a result, my two uncles were removed from the board。The industry under the name of East China Group has nothing to do with them。Of course,They did not pay less in the East China Electronics Factory”Guan Tingna finished,I closed my eyes a little tired。

Xia Jian glanced at Guan Tingna,Whispered:“Shall you go to bed and rest?”
“Ok!I’m so tired。May be this hospitalization,The body has not fully recovered”Guan Tingna finished,So he got up and went to the bathroom。When coming out later,She has put on her pajamas。
After Guan Tingna goes to bed,Xia Jian slipped out of the room quietly。at the door,I just happened to run into the bodyguard Du Hai who sent Guan Tingna back。
“Mr. Xia, where are you going?”Du Hai asked very politely。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Nothing to do,Bored in the room。Where are you going?Won’t you go out again?!”
“I’m out for shopping too。Mr. Guan and the others went to meet up tonight,We will be fine if we send Miss Guan back,How about let’s go downstairs and have two drinks?”Du Hai smiled and said。
First2372chapter Virtuous Yao Chunni
The spring breeze blows into the corners of Baishui Town。Willow leaves turn green,The grass on the roadside turns from yellow to green,Even some bugs suddenly increased。
Wang Youcai took the workers Yuye to complete a small order for Hu Huiru,This allowed Hu Huiru to sign a major foreign client in one fell swoop,This made Hu Huiru even more praise for Wang Youcai。at the same time,She gave Wang Youcai a week-long holiday。
Everyone knows,Chenzhuang in Baishui Town is the real deep mountain old forest。People like Wang Youcai,Where can i stay,It’s really hard for him。
So at this point,Hu Huiru is quite good at employing people。She gives Wang Youcai some sweetness from time to time,Let him go to the city for a few days from time to time。
Of course,Wang Youcai often goes to the city,She doesn’t need others to say,She can guess。She just opened one eye,Just close one eye。What she wants is benefits,As for how to manage the following,She generally doesn’t care。
When Wang Youcai heard that Hu Huiru asked him to take a week off,He almost didn’t jump up with excitement。He needs this long vacation so much。Six days,He can go with Niu HuilingSH。
Suppressed the excitement。Wang Youcai called Tian Wa and Liu Changgui to his office,Arranged for them both。Then he went to the city to buy some food for the kitchen,Only then left Chenzhuang happily。
To Pingdu,The first thing is to buy the ticket,Then called and notified Niu Huiling of the matter。
Since this is a ticket at 8 o’clock the next morning。Wang Youcai feels that this time is a bit sufficient,So he drove back to Xiping Village。
It was more than four o’clock in the afternoon when he returned to the village。For convenience,He parked the car at the entrance of the village。And then walked home。Xiping Village in the daytime,I rarely see idlers。Villagers with little labor ability,All went to the cooperative to make money。
Wang Youcai gently pushed open the door of his house,The whole yard is quiet。He could see clearly when he walked in,The door is not only closed,And there is a big iron lock on the door。