A group of people sit in the hotel。
Nan Ge’s doubtful looking towards buns,I only see a cup of Haagen-Dazs.,Let’s take a look at the leisurely,Eat,A pair of expressions that do not smell the window,Nan Ge does not help but look away:“Why is she has ice cream??we do not have。”
“Because the hotel has not had good business recent,Ice cream reserves are only this.,I think our group is full of buns.,She is the most hard,I gave her to eat.。”Zhou Zhijing reply to Nan Ge,“And her loves to eat ice cream.。”
“Is that right?”
Nan Ge is aiming at a bun。
The buns still bowed with ice cream,The eyes are always on the spoon,I didn’t hear her words.。
It is the head of the left:“Uh-huh。”
“It is also reasonable?”
Nan Ge reached out to the top,Touch yourself,I always feel a bit painful root,She discovered her wake up.,Listening to the wind blowing,It is also reasonable。
Nan Ge can’t stand,Hold a fist。
But sometimes some things don’t need evidence.。
Zhou Zhiyi shocked:“what are you doing?”
Nan Ge recovered the punch,Calm:“This is the performance of your brother.。”
In the afternoon。
I heard that the teacher will begin to guide everyone to simulate building a small ecological area.,This small ecological area will have a lot of types,Each team needs to select an interested type,Then I will improve it under the guidance of Teacher Liu.。The final scheme of presented is the result of everyone’s trainee,Also doPPTAnd go to the stage to show everyone,Finally scored by the teacher,The score of the score is the score of this trainee activity.,Based on this calculation。
Why is Zhou I just heard about it??
Because he has followed the mirror of the kings.,Simulation results of the migration plan in the mirror area of human identity。
This is also the first truly knowledge to the mirror, just came to the mirror.,Come to this area between the human world and the world world,And the effect of the mirror area has made some fun dreams,As for the mirror area、What is long?,He didn’t know。
When I was young, I was lying on the ground.,The sky is like a huge sky-blue cover,The top of the cover is the farthest dome,The most edge is the end of the earth,But in today’s mirror, the sky really turns a huge cover.。
This huge hemispheric cover has just begun to emerge,Is over-transparent,Like a glass,Then the color gradually deepened,Be clearly visible。
Sky color is getting deeper,Correspondence,The light of the mirror world has spread quickly。
Until this sky hood becomes dark as ink,It disappeared again in front of everyone,In another way,One way to the previous truncation。
The entire mirror area at this time is dark,No light,Reach out,The sky is a nature。
Faster,There is a light in the top of the head.。
It’s sky in the sky,Baiyun,A star,Also a month,But now it has become a hemispherical surface screen.,Start appearance on the appearance。
There is an unreal planet rises from the earth,Slowly separated from the earth,Finally, disappeared。When it appears again, it has been separated.,Integrated into another and the planet that is not smart life,The process is very smooth。
But this is a big side,Accelerated。
Sometimes the controllers in the mirror area will also show the details,You can see this unoccupied monster on the demeana.,You can also see the spoken and out of the earth.,There are some choices to stay on the earth.、So silently watching the monster of the last soil,He also saw it standing in space.、若 神。
Everything is like real。
There has been a solution to the power of the virgin area.,He is believed that if there is no other unexpected interference,At that time, the earth and the world’s scenes in the world and the same simulation of the mirror area.。