“The five great power this time is all dead.。”

“All dead,No suspense。”
“Why do you have so many magic beads of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce??There should be four!”
“Four-native magic beads play a decisive role in this war。”
“Do not,There is also the sudden beta of Ye Tiancang and the sky of the sky.,These two chess pieces are also crucial。”
“The mother is not crucial,It is very important,Otherwise, the five major potentials will never defend.,Cold spring autumn This guy has no chance,The blood jacket is too strong, the zombie is too embarrassed.。”
“No matter how,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce will win this time。”
“Allocate,Five majesty,Make a goddess,Today, I want to destroy my chamber of commerce in the days of my business meeting.,My Qinglong Chamber of Commerce can give a good break.,Today, it specializes all the volts。”Lin Feng’s movie is in the Central Lang Dynasty in the Qinglong Battlefield.。
“Forest president,Destroy!”
“We have long seen these people who are not pleasing.。”
“Yes,These are very arrogant,Lin Preshang kills。”
“Yes,Congratulations Lin President!”
“Qinglong President has no legacy,Really admire,Good means。”
Many bronze forces in Huaxia expressed their attitude,These bronze forces hope to have awe and deeply jealous with the gods of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。
“it is good,Here are two allies published a declaration!”Lin Feng looked around,Big hand,Suddenly surrounded by silence。
Lin Feng voice,Ye Tian Cang’s figure came out to laugh and laugh:“Allocate,I am Ye Tiancang,Is something wrong with me, I don’t have much.,Everyone is self-publicized,I announced the addition to the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce today.,Jiuhe will release from today,If you violate this vow,Tiantian,Goddess!”
NS538chapter Dragon’s people appear
Ye Tiancang said,Suddenly caused an uproar。
“I rubbed,Jiuhe is dissolved。”
“Yes,Jiuhe will dissolve this,Jiuhe and Qinglong Chamber of Commerce are not alliance,Is the upper and lower relationships。”
“The forces of this Qinglong Chamber of Commerce have once again become。”
“Hey-hey,Good accounting of surname,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is a big ship,It is very important to join the moment.,In the future, he will become the creator level of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。”
“Huaxia’s forces should be integrated,However, the Dragon’s family and Beijia don’t know how to react.,These two have not come out again.。”
“Who knows?。”
“Flaw!”The enthusiastic applause sounds at this moment.,The elders and members of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce have applauded,Welcome http://www.zjnk120.cn Ye Tiancang to join。
“it is good,Welcome to Ye Lao’s join,From today, Ye Lao is the elder of my Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。”Lin Fenglang:“Cooperate with other elders,Management Qianlong Chamber of Commerce。”
“Thank you for your president.,My Ye Tian Cang must go all out。”Ye Tiancang laughed。
“it is good,Now announce the second place。”Lin Fenglang laughed:“Master Qiantang Xu Feng Lei!”
“Xu Fengli!”
“I rubbed,Xu Fengli,It is a mask for a long time.。”
“This old guy hides a deep,This time, I also took the opportunity.。”
“He can’t wait for it to be detached.,The forces of these years have been recruited,But Xu Fengli does not move,And the Sky,Blood sessions and other forces,Can they not choose??”
“makes sense,But the family is standing this time.。”
“Yes,Stand,With today’s merits, it is enough http://www.amyusb.cn to become a leader of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,The status of the family will be held straight up,Since this fish Yue Longmen,The status is overwhelming。”
Many forces are envious of Xu Fengli,In particular, some bronze force representatives of Huaxia,They are even more popular,If it is in the morning,Don’t you turn over??
Xu Fengli’s figure came to front,He picks up the mask,Exposed a lot of laughs:“Allocate,I announced today that Qiantang Xu official officially added Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,If you violate this vow,Goddess,Be unhappy!”