Deepen cross-border trade facilitation reform

[] Harvesting and other departments have introduced 27 refinement initiatives – deepening cross-border trade facilitation reform New Deal landing "In recent years, my country’s port business environment continues to optimize, cross-border trade facilitation levels have increased year by year, but there are still some plugging , Pain points and difficulties need to be unified to promote resolution. "Huang Guan Sheng, member of the State Council of the State Council, held on July 29, and the Director of the General Administration of Customs, Director Huang Guan Sheng, the Director of the Administration of the Customs Department. Recently, the State Council’s executive meeting of the State Council has been further deepened, and the port business environment is further deepened, and new requirements are proposed. Huang Guan Sheng introduced that in order to implement the spirit of the State Council, more than ten departments including the General Administration of Customs issued a series of deepening cross-border trade facilitation reforms, optimizing the port business environment, including five aspects of 27 specific content .

  Deepen the reform and innovation, and further optimize the full-chain flow of customs clearance.

To create a more scientific and efficient cargo customs clearance mode, promote the integrated reform of the whole business in the customs. Integrate simplified customs declaration projects, providing diversified declaration modes and tax guarantee models for companies to choose independent choices. Support overseas warehouse construction, perfect cross-border e-commerce exports return policy.

Gradually expand the scope of application of "active disclosure" system and fault tolerance mechanism, encourage corporate self-abiding, active error correction. Further enhance the convenience of the export tax rebate.

Promote the reform of inspection and quarantine model, optimize the inspection and quarantine regulatory model such as food cosmetics, and promote the pilot pilot of the third party of the commodity inspection. Deepen regional logistics integrated supervision.

Promote the reform pilots such as key areas such as Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao District. – Clean up standards for charges, further reduce the cost of import and export links.

Consolidate the results of clearing the decree ports, and continuously improve the standardization and transparency level of port charges.

Amended the "Port Charge Billing Measures".

Supervise the port business unit to further clean up the pilot items, clear the charge name and service content. Introducing the bidding system, encouraging the market entities to compete fairly.

Optimize port charging publicity system and service model, publicize port charging directory list and strengthen dynamic update, and provide "one-stop" payment service to provide conditions.

Increase the supervision and inspection, investigate and deal with the government pricing and guidance prices according to law, do not follow the rules of the rules, not implementing the provision of violations such as preferential reduction policies and announced to the public to the public according to law, and organize the alleged monopoly acts in port business activities.

  - Strengthening science and technology, further enhances port comprehensive service capabilities. Deepen international trade "single window" function, promote port and cross-border trade business unified through "single window", strengthen "single window" and overseas interconnection, support local "single window" to expand the characteristic service function.

Promote port construction intelligence transformation, promote container equipment delivery, packing logistics documents and other port logistics documents, promote the unified shipping standard of shipping company, strengthen the construction of automated terminal, promote smart bay, unmanned card, etc. New technology, expand intelligent review applications, improve port infrastructure and supervision intelligence. Relying on the "single window" to promote the construction of the aviation logistics public information platform, implement the full chain information interconnection, promote the convenience of air logistics. Accelerate the development of multimodal transport and support the construction of multimodal transport public information systems. Implement the responsibility of genus, enhance the integrated efficiency of port logistics operations. Efficient profits and enterprises, further improve cross-border trade overall service environment. Promote the integration of government service matters and promote the Government Service Network of the Port. Building a stable and transparent port service environment, public logistics operation time limit standards, promotion "one-stop" shipping business inquiry platform, realize the box making, electronic prevention box and precision box.

Promote all departments such as customs and marities, all-round visualization queries. Optimize the "certified operators" (AEO) system to provide more convenient measures for certified companies. – Promoting Zhijia Unicom to further strengthen the cooperation between port cross-border customs clearance. Enhance the supply capacity and turnover efficiency of international logistics containers, promote the transfer of the hub container port containers, encourage the development of international road transportation business.

Increase cross-border customs clearance cooperation, promote my country and build "all the way" national (region) customs clearance supervision cooperation and information exchange, encourage more enterprises, more routes to join the "Anzhi Trade" cooperation project, continue to promote the improvement The level of convenience of the situation is good, doing a good job in the connection between trade facilitation measures in the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement".

  Under the current epidemic situation, how to make progress in the prevention and control and customs clearance work? Huang Guan Sheng said that the development and introduction of the above measures is to implement the relevant requirements of the State Council’s "Plexible Service" meeting, and actively respond to the specific embodiment of the market entity, which is conducive to the prevention and control of overter, and promote the development of foreign trade development. Measures clearly proposed the overall requirements of "Coordination of Epidemic Prevention and Control and Connection and Customs Customs Customs"; "The same defense, compaction quartz responsibilities, do not relax" external prevention input, internal defense rebound "work, and also design corresponding policy measures. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.