Cool continues today or there is thunderstorm temperature dropped to 30 ° C

  Yesterday, most parts of Chongqing went to cloudy, the central city is still, but the cool breeze is a lot of cool in front of it.

  As of 3 pm yesterday, the city temperature was 21 ° C to 37 ° C. The highest temperature in the city appeared in Pengshui, reaching ° C; most of Chongqing is more cool, big enough only ° C. According to Chongqing Meteorological Observatory: Today, there are shower or thunderstorms in all parts, and some parts of the northeast are heavy rainstorm; 28th to 30 days during the day, most areas are cloudy. Experts have reminded that it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention of possible small and medium-sized rivers floods, mountain floods, mountain landslides, urban and rural accumulation and strong convective weather.

  The weather forecast for the next three days is daytime: the rain is cloudy in the northwest, the rest of the rain or thunderstorm, the rainstorm northeastern part of the rain to heavy rain, the rest of the rain to the middle rain; temperature 18 ° C – 32 ° C. Central urban area, shower, temperature 23 ° C – 27 ° C. Days of the 28th to 29th: part of the area of ??the part of the area shower is cloudy, the rest are cloudy to sunny, and the temperature is 15 ° C to 31 ° C.

The central city, cloudy and sunny, temperature in temperature 21 ° C to 30 ° C.

  Days of the 29th to 30 days: cloudy everywhere to sunny, temperature 14 ° C – 32 ° C.

Central urban area, sunny, temperature 21 ° C – 31 ° C.

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