Sports vary from person to person

Sports vary from person to person

Why do some people feel exhausted after exercising; some people always have colds after exercising for a long time; some people want to train themselves to be long-term through exercise, but are counterproductive?

  Exercise methods should be different from person to person. Some fat and lean exercise methods are different. Exercise methods to increase muscle circumference and lengthen muscles are also different. Exercise methods should be different for different ages and different physiques.It’s also different, there are different occupations and even personality differences, its exercise methods and content should be different, and everyone’s exercise goals are different.

  Some people feel tired after exercising because of too much exercise. Excessive exercise will not only increase the burden on the heart but also easily lead to heart disease. Excessive exercise will cause free radicals generated in the body to generate free radicals, which will directly damage cell functions., Cause aging of tissue cells, reduce the body’s immunity.

  Some people think that if you do n’t exercise a lot of sweat or sore muscles, you wo n’t be able to achieve the effect of exercise. This is a misunderstanding. Sweating just balances the body temperature. When it ‘s hot, you can sweat without exercising.Due to lack of softness, warm-up before exercise, excessive fatigue, etc., it cannot be used to achieve exercise effects.

  Regular exercise is a scientific exercise method because it can stabilize your mood and full of energy.

And the right amount of exercise can make those who do not exercise regularly, gradually increase their interest in sports, gradually adapt to the long-term persistence.

Do moderate to low-intensity exercise, the heart rate is generally controlled at 100-120 times.

Of course, you also need to determine your personal exercise volume based on your physical fitness and age.

  The characteristics of fat people’s sports are: continuous, slow, endurance, reduced speed, but thin people should focus on fast explosive power training.

  In short, sports should have a more scientific method, plan, and purpose, so as to avoid the harm and inefficiency caused by unscientific.