Section of depth,At that time, I can show it.。

“Life is really lonely as snow,There is no one can play.!”
Four times no one,Gao Bao is proud of sighing,Duan Shen this hand,Military effects have little,However, in politics,But too much points.!
Even the son does not read the cause of the old man,Latest the opponent,You said the possibility of his business,How much do you have?!
Almost unbearable, the broken boat is a big victory!To know,That battle,Xiang’s children’s soldiers are united, such as one person.。They have been in the past“Attack and fierce,Defensive”Qualities,It is a first-class existence in the offense,。
Dragonfly,Do not say complex ingredients,Atrial,Have a high-pool of high-pool,如,There is also the Han people, Wu Xun Group, such as Linyi, etc.。That is the interior of Duan,I have already seen this differential.。
It’s much better than the big army in the year.!
Can not fight without fighting,Can play yin,Just playing yin。For winning,Gao Biyi does not hesitate to make various dangerous means,Differentiation of Hui Jinyang Liu Town, Xianbei Group。
so far,Already quite effective。For example,Depth of depth,Who is leaking,This is worth thinking。This is by no means to do it in the bottom of the Six Town or even the middle level.。
This person must live a high position,And also in charge of the army,Independent control,You can send people to the Hedong to report, not being perceived.。
Who is this person??
Gao Baoyi looked at the end of the street at the end of the street.,Thoughts also extend far away far。
This battle,North Qi’s military,It is completely controlled by yourself,There is no anti-confidence.。Next thing,Is it clearing??
Do not,That is the lowest end,It is easy to repeat the mistakes of Yu。
Really good way,It is the situation in opening the North Qi and North Week.,Start from breaking!
Because only breaks,Can you get more land?,More people。And open up the land,Can greatly improve personal prestige,It is also possible to make many official positions and military posts because more officials need to manage.,Naturally, the underlying layer can be mentioned.,At the same time, insert your own belief。
so,It will greatly harvest people,for“Next step”Action to make public opinion and atmosphere。
certainly,All premise,It’s all you want to win.,Can completely control Jinyang!
Gao Bao can’t help but pinch the fist。
This battle,He must win,There is no retreat!
Won,There is only one step away from that position.。
Lose,Not only you die,And the wife of the wife, the three sons daughter die together.!No one can be put,It is not a must。
However, his Gao Baoyi will not be let go.。Since this,How can I lose??How to lose?
“Alang!You’re here,How to stand outside outside?!”
Secluded yard,The door is pushed open.,White skirt,I saw Gao Boyi with a black big four ladies,Just a pleasant to heave him to his arms。
“Be in the past,Take a look at you。”
Gao Bao is gentle and smile,Put the four lams to the yard,The latter is full of happiness,Not resist。
“Alang,do you know,The book is said in the day,Particular is not good。”
Nothing, four maiden rolls in Gao Baoyi,The body’s strength is all tied,Can’t move。
I don’t see more than a year.,Her body is more abundant,I don’t see the thinness before.。I don’t know if I haven’t seen the relationship too long.,Four maiden from the front sexual intercourse,Nowadays, there is almost like tigers.。
Loss is a weak body,Otherwise, Gao Biyi today is really a lunch.。To know,His woman is a lot,“schedule”It is also full of rows.。