At this moment,Yao Junli opened the door with the key and walked in,She laughed and said:“What to go,I have arranged,They will deliver the food here in a while,The three of us have a little wine,Let’s chat!”

“no need,I really have to go。You should stay with Xia Jian!After all, he came here from Pingyang Town,It’s really commendable that he has this heart”Ouyang Hong said,Turn around and leave。
Yao Junli reached out to pull her,Couldn’t hold her。It seems that this time a good intention has been decided,Can’t keep it。Xia Jian sat still,He thought,Just go!What’s the big deal。
“You drive her off!She lives a bit far from here”Yao Junli suddenly pulled Xia Jian gently and said。Xia Jian didn’t understand what Yao Junli meant,But since she said it,He was too embarrassed not to go。Besides, Ouyang Hong also heard it。
Just before Ouyang Hong stepped into the elevator,Xia Jian jumped in step by step。Ouyang Hong was slightly surprised,Asked a little puzzled:“What are you doing?”
“I’ll drive you off!”Xia Jian said softly。
Ouyang Hong said with a cold smile:”No need for this,I go down and take a taxi,What are you doing?“Ouyang Hong’s attitude is very firm。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Did not speak,But reached out and pressed the first floor。The elevator walked down slowly。Ouyang Hong turned his back,Never said a word。
Can see,She agreed to Xia Jian to send her off,Otherwise she won’t let Xia Jian follow her。
Xia Jian’s Big Ben stopped at the door of the hotel,Xia Jianyi opened the car door,Ouyang Hong got in without thinking。Xia Jian really doesn’t understand this woman’s mind,It seems that women still know women better。
“Go out and turn left,On the main road and keep facing west“Ouyang Hong said,He took the initiative to put on his seat belt。
Xia Jian started the car,Drive out,Ask Ouyang Hong:“You live in Lu’an District?Where does it seem to be a new development zone?!Isn’t it a new house I bought?!“
“Just you smart。I bought a new house,Of course it’s a mortgage。For my parents to live with me,You know they are getting older too,Inseparable。Besides, they are just me“Ouyang Hong said,Sighed long。
Xia Jian:“Oh“Said:”You are right,Take parents with you,Take care of each other,Moreover,Are you a woman too?“
First1712chapter Neither want to hurt
? “What do you mean?Do you look down on women?Xia Jian,Don’t forget,Can you have today,It’s almost all women。Think about it,Is not it?”Which fire hasn’t been sent out in Ouyang Hong’s heart,Finally found a breakthrough。
Xia Jian secretly shouted bad,He was kind,I didn’t expect Ouyang Hong to use the question,I have to give him some color to see。At the time,Reasoning with women is not clear,So Xia Jian simply closed his mouth,Drove his car intently。
Even if Xia Jian did this,But Ouyang Hong is still a little confused。She tells Xia Jian all the way,Until the car was approaching her door,She just closed her mouth。