Women wear a large lattice,Bell is blue casual pants,It looks weak and quiet,It is full of beautiful breath。

And her exquisite face,Also give a look like a happy,Ashamed smile,Looking at the summer。
“I go……”
Summer blinking,Found that it is not an illusion,The face immediately revealed a strong smile。
He ovel over the past,Hoe,“Hi,Beauty,Are you waiting for me??”
This sentence,Women’s http://www.sanyt.cn face immediately climbed two regiments,But still nodded gently,Hand pinching the corner,Some nervous。
See her,The smile on the summer face is getting awkward.,“so good,Small,do you know,I am really afraid that you are taught by my sister into a high-yield queen.,Now I am relieved.。”
Su Xiaoxiao。
Women are Su Xiaoxiao。
After heard of words at this moment,Still some twisting,I don’t know what to say.。
Whether she is cultivated by Summer Snow?,But in front of summer,Su Xiaoxue is always the quiet and weak girl.。
“correct,How do you know that I am coming??Hiche,I am saying how you will be in the city.?”
“I have come to Qingkai for a few days.,Yes,Summer sister……Xia Zi sent me。”
Summer eyes slightly flash,“Talk about business?”
“no。”Su Xiaoxiao shook his head,“Is to the moon。”
Summer,Laugh,Such an answer is both unexpected,Also in the reason。
Su Xiaoxiao has a summer,Hurry and disclaim,“I am ready to go back today.,Can always call me in summer,Say you want,so……so……”
“It turned out to be like this。”
Summer is now,Follow-up,“I am hungry.,go,Accompany me to eat,By the way, you have a http://www.diandianfan.cn specific thing you are here.。”
“Um。”Su Xiaodiao nodded,Pretty face flashing。
Next,The two people came to the city。
All the way,Su Xiaoshi’s story is about。
Summer know,The reason why the dragon is not in the moon,It’s a Summer Snow.。
“Moon?Also in the city?”Asked in summer。
“She walked yesterday。”Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes flashed together,“Go to Qinghai。”
Summer nice head,Not asked。
Taxi quickly parking in a commercial street in the city。
Although it is already September,But the temperature of Qing is still very high.,But in the morning, I saw a rain.,Non-falling temperature,Commercial street is full,Passive Ma Ma in a building room。
From high level,As if a group of ants walk in the steel forest。
As the fourth big municipality in China,Bustic levels don’t need to say,Under developed http://www.tj-alt.cn business,As long as there is money,Can buy any well-known products。
Summer and Su Xiaoxiao walking on the street,Chat。
Just very fast,Su Xiaoxue initially, the faint tension and alienation gradually faded,The atmosphere between the two has become more harmonious.。
Later they entered a food street,After eating some food,In the summer, I have a few games with Su Xiaoxue.,The last silk diaphragm generated is also disappeared.。