Wright and Maui looked at each other。

And Burke nodded:“I heard that,It’s the kind that makes human powers and http://www.iyuhuashi.cn monsters,Or humans and humans are trapped in a small space,Fighting each other,It’s a special kind of arena,But a lot more bloody。Sometimes you are not allowed to admit defeat,Must fight to the end!”
“The underground area of the imperial capital,Heard of it!”Carl said mysteriously:“I also found out after taking over some of my father’s forces,There is an organization holding a cage war,Are you interested to check it out?”
Maui frowned:“Sounds like,Very bloody!”
“Man,Must see blood!”Burke didn’t care,“Insight!”
“Can take a look!”Lai Feature。
“Then go see!”Carl said excitedly:“follow me,The entrance is in the west side,Have to walk some way。”
The underground black market of the imperial capital,There is a sense of mystery in the eyes of many people,After all, this area is spatially located in Xiacheng,But the entrance is in http://www.hbhzyy.cn the business district。There are legends,In fact, the black market is in a hollow underground in Xiacheng。
of course,There are often no rumors and exaggerations in reality,Sometimes it’s even more exaggerated。
Wright、Maui、Although Burke and the three have their own opportunities,Wright is a disciple of Sanctuary,Maui is the heir to the earl,Burke is the only one who has experienced adventure。Not all three of them are ignorant children or ignorant greenhouse flowers,But I only heard about the underground black market of the imperial capital。
Saw Carl lead them into the house‘Resplendent’,The faces of the three are a little weird,Is this a casino?。Carl did a‘Silence’Gesture。
But Carl leads the way,After entering the casino,Talk to a manager of the casino,Followed to a basement。
The staff respectfully saluted,And then left,Four people left。
Carl takes out a key,Under a lamp in the basement,A stone gate slowly opens。
Four people walked into the door,Is a long and narrow passage,Looking at the weird eyes of a few brothers,Carl explained:“Underground black market,The location is indeed underground in Xiacheng,But it’s not a natural underground cavity。It was excavated by the merchants in the West District,Initially to avoid paying taxes,Then step by step
Developed to this way。”
“Large store on this side of the west side,casino,Hotel,In fact, more than half have secret roads connecting the underground black market,This is actually a semi-public secret!”