After the first video of China Dollar, a good news came!

After the first video of the Chinese dollar, a good news came.

What good news? According to the report of the China News Agency, before this video summit, China and the United States reached three consensus on the media problem, now disclosed. First, the two sides of mutual protection, the current resident reporter can return to the opponent country under the premise of compliance with the epidemic prevention.

The second is that the US commitment will issue a number of immigration visas for Chinese reporters, and will immediately launch domestic procedures to solve the problem of Chinese journalists visa residence issues. The Chinese side will be based on the principle of peer, and after the US policy measures are in place, the US Department of Media reporters are given the same visa and residence treatment.

The third is that both parties will be approved by the new regular reporter visa according to the law.

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The biggest highlight is the US commitment, multiple visas.

The United States finally lowered the arrogant head and revised a long-term unfair and unreasonable regulations for Chinese reporters.

Why do you say that? It is a long time (no one or two years of issues, it has been long), and the Chinese reporters have been a valid entry visa. Please note that many national reporters enter the United States, they are multiple valid visas, but Chinese reporters enjoy special treatment.

Often in the reporter, one term is generally a few years.

The biggest concerns overseas are the health of domestic families.

However, according to the unreasonable provisions of the US, if Chinese reporters leave the United States last halfway, for example, return to China, return to the country, then you have to go back to the United States to continue working, you must go to the United States to apply for a visa.

It is very difficult to say, it is more important, the United States sometimes deliberately set the card, and even the reporter has returned to the country, and he can’t get a visa and can’t return to the US work. Oh, too small home, but this is part of the US diplomacy.

Finally, this time, the United States low a proud head and promised multiple visas.

Why have this major shift? The press release is also explained: China and the United States & hellip; & hellip; have been a more than a long consultation, there is also a struggle, it can be a cooperation, which can not be governed to know & hellip; & hellip; also reflecting the current Chinese and beautiful pair from one side. New normal.

This sentence is still very connotative. 1. Falling around reporters, China and the United States launched struggles and negotiates hard. 2, diplomatic payment. Since you treat Chinese reporters like this, then you can’t afford it, American reporters also enjoy similar treatment.

3, the United States must have pressure.

American reporters also have a headache, but the initiator is the United States.

Finally, in the face of China’s tough position, the US must have to commit commitment to make changes. Finally, a little bit of personal feelings. First, a long-term unreasonable problem, now finally solved.

I must thank the Chinese diplomats’ hard consultations. It is necessary to dare to fight, be good at struggle, no struggle, no fight, the United States will change this? Second, we do not accept the high people of the United States.

China and the United States are now equally, we are flat, neither look up, nor to look down, it is to flat, even if you are the United States.

The unreasonable regulations are to be changed, and they will not change.

Third, the US commitment, we still listen to their words.

Therefore, we have left one hand, saying: China will be based on the principle of peer, after the US policy measures are in place, give US Department of Media reporters equally visa and residence treatment.

The US policy is not in place, then the sorry, we also slow down, walk.

Interesting, the media reporter’s visa is once a diplomatic climate.

Really respecting each other, always equivalent to each other. As a person who has taken a visa for a long time, I just saw this good news, I really feel very much. But one thing is also possible, the United States should also recognize: Today’s China is not the previous China; China’s diplomatic style has also changed! Source: Niu Bang WeChat Public No. Editor: TF022.